05 Demonstration Show

Event 05 Demonstration Show: The Chemical Enhancement of Latent Fingerprints   BACKGROUND   Latent prints are those invisible fingerprints left behind on an object by a person.  These prints must be developed through the use of fingerprint powders or chemical solutions in order to visualize the prints at a crime scene or in the crime laboratory. Various chemical enhancers have had a long history of use in latent fingerprint development.   OBJECTIVE   Perform a live 3-minute demonstration for a general high school audience that safely demonstrates the concepts of a chemical fingerprint development of your choice.  The presentation may include an alternate light source.  Emphasis must be on the understanding of the chemistry involved in the reaction and how it relates to forensic science.  The demonstration should also include the chemical reaction(s) and a model or picture of the interaction of the chemical enhancer and the latent print.   MORE DETAILS ON THE WRITTEN REPORT TO FOLLOW!