2020 NJCO Key Players

2022 New Jersey Chemistry Olympics Steering Committee:
Dr. Omowunmi Sadik, NJCO Chair, NJIT
Dr. Miriam Gulotta, NJACS, Co-Director
Dr. Kathleen Gilbert, NJIT, Co-Director
Ms. Carrie Jacobus, Director of Events, River Dell HS
Ms. Diane Krone, NJACS
Dr. Bhavani Balasubramanian, NJIT
Dr. Joseph Bozzelli, NJIT
Dr. Alexei Khalizov, NJIT
Dr. Reginald Tomkins, NJIT
Special Thanks to Ms. Genti' Price, NJIT.
NJCO Steering Committee Guidelines
The Steering Committee consists of up to fifteen members.
The committee's charge is to design the events of the NJCO and address any concerns that are identified through the survey given at the conclusion of the previous Olympics.  All information regarding individual events presented during the discussions of the Committee must be summarized in a public forum such as posting the information on the Internet.
Committee members who are also coaches may not have students from their school participate in the event they design.
How You Can Help
The success of the New Jersey Chemistry Olympics is based on the strong commitment of the volunteers who help develop, organize, judge and assist competition activities.  All past coaches are invited to participate in the next year's Steering Committee. The varied background, research knowledge and interests of the teachers and faculty who participate each year ensure that each year's events are interesting and timely topics that have well-thought-out problem-based learning frameworks.  If you are interested in volunteering with the NJCO, please contact Dr. Miriam Gulotta.