Team Information

Team Information

Event Participation

  • For the 2022 VNJCO, each team can participate in as few as one event and as many as all four events.  Each event has its own scoring and there is no overall team scoring.
  • Event selection must be declared by April 15, 2022 via the Registration Form.
  • Certain events require reports that must be received by the Submission Deadline of May 15, 2022
  • We would be very appreciative to know ASAP if a team registers for an event and decides not to participate.  
  • Certain events will be limited to the first eighteen teams to submit their declaration forms. Please refer to the event descriptions for details.

Number of Student Competitors in an Event

  • All events, except for the Chemical Nomenclature event, require at least two, but no more than three students to participate.
  • The Chemical Nomenclature event requires three students to participate.
  • Although a team can have up to twelve participants, no single team can participate in more than one event.

Requesting Event Clarification

IMPORTANT:  Requests for Clarification Should be Made by Coaches ONLY.  

Each school may ask up to two questions per event.  (2 questions per school per event; not 2 questions per team).  Replies will be made within seven days.  Requests for clarification may not be emailed.

For 2022, please email Dr. Miriam Gulotta with any questions on events.  Only questions from coaches will be answered!