Team Information

Team Information

Event Participation

  • All teams are required to participate in a minimum of four events and a maximum of six to qualify for team scoring. 
  • Events are divided into three categories.  All teams are required to select at least one event from each category to qualify for team scoring.
  • Event selection must be declared by March 6, 2020. (See Event Sign-Up & Team Declaration)
  • Certain events require reports that must be received by the Paper Submission Deadline. Please refer to our Coach's Deadlines page for information about this year's deadline.
  • Teams which declared an intention to participate in an event, but choose not to, will receive a 1 point deduction in their team score.
  • Certain events will be limited to the first eighteen teams to submit their declaration forms. Please refer to the event descriptions for details.

Number of Student Competitors in an Event

  • All events, except for the Chemical Nomenclature event, requires at least two, but no more than three students to participate.
  • The Chemical Nomenclature event requires three students to participate.

Requesting Event Clarification

Schools may request clarification for any of the events using Coach's Corner..  All requests must be posted on the Coach's Corner.  This will allow transparency with all questions.  

IMPORTANT:  Requests for Clarification Should be Made by Coaches ONLY

Each school may ask up to two questions per event.  (2 questions per school per event; not 2 questions per team).  Replies will be made within seven days.  Requests for clarification may not be emailed.

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