2023 New Jersey Chemistry Olympics

From Assumptions to Decisions

Registration is extended until Wednesday, March 29, 2023!  Please email if you have any questions about registration - we will accommodate late registration if room is available, but the due date for submitted materials will not change (April 17, 2023) without a formal request.

With amazing technological advances being revealed almost daily, how do we know if something that sounds great actually is?  When we receive information on a new advance, we can use the scientific method to question the "facts" presented by the media, but also question ourselves and our assumptions about current methods and fascinating new developments.  Everyday concepts such as a chocolate bar are not that simple - it's not just melting chocolate and pouring some into a mold.  And alternate fuels must be a better solution than fossil fuels, no matter what?  Such assumptions can be challenged and lead to some very interesting learning opportunities. 
Event 1 - Chemical Research - Polymorphism of Chocolate
Event 4 - Website Design - Alternate Energy Sources
Event 8 - Analytical Lab - How much copper is in a penny?
Event 2 - Environmental Research - Nuclear Waste
Event 5 - Demo Show - Polymerization
Event 9 - Instrumentation Lab -  Food Dye in Sports Drinks
Event 3 - Chemical Engineering Research - Fuel Cell
Event 6 - Nomenclature
Event 10 - Microscale Lab - How much iron in iron pills?
Event 7 - Information Search Flavors 
Event 11 - Debate - Should CRISPR-edited agriculture be banned?

Note that schools can register for up to six events - links to event descriptions are on the left side of this page.

Some events are still under construction, please email the NJCO Director if you have any questions about anything posted or a TBD event. 


The NJCO is In-Person again!

The 2023 NJCO will be held on Friday, May 12, 2023.  We are in the process of updating our website (email if you have any questions!) and are accepting registrations until March 29, 2023.  Late registrations will be accepted if space is available, however, the deadlines for the pre-event submitted materials will not be changed.

The 35th Official New Jersey Chemistry Olympics is in person at NJIT!

Visit the event pages for more details.  The registration form is now available!


The NJCO in a nutshell:

Review events, get together a coach and team, and sign up!

Pay the registration fee  (full fee for 6 events) and electronically submit pre-event deliverables.

Join us on May 12, 2023 and tell us about your research / show us your website or demo / amaze us with your lab and debate skills!