Is your school life IN FLUX and hard to PIN DOWN where you'll be next?

Same for us.  Keep watching for updates on the 2022 NJCO as we confirm our options over the next few weeks.





CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2021 Virtual NJCO Medal Winners and ALL Participants!!!!

Click here to see the participating schools and results - it was a great event and many students got to VIRTUALLY share their knowledge and skills!


All students, coaches, judges, and NJCO support team members will be getting a lovely T-shirt as a commemoration of this event!

Last year's T-shirt style and logo:  

This year's - TBD, but Tie-Dye seems to be an appropriate theme for our Virtual Events!



2nd Annual Virtual New Jersey Chemistry Olympics

June 2021 

"Chemistry and Current Events"


Due to many K-12 schools in New Jersey still remaining on remote or partially remote instruction, we are planning to offer an online-only event in 2021. 

New information!!!!

Event List - more details to follow on the Event Pages as we update them this week!

Event 1:  Chemistry Research:  Vaccine Development

Event 2:  Environmental Research:  Sustainability of Batteries

Event 3:  Chemical Engineering Research:  Costs of Bringing a Vaccine to Market

Event 4:  Website Design:  CRISPR Gene Editing Technology

Event 5:  Experimental:  Physical Chemistry of Your Microwave

Event 6:  Nomenclature - New Test - see page/your email for additional details

Event 7:  Info Search:  Disinfectants

Event 8:  Debate:  Should PFAS be banned?



ATTENTION HS TEACHERS:  Are you interested in having one or more teams from your high school compete in the 2nd Annual Virtual NJCO?  Please email:  mgulotta@njacs.org for more information if you're not already on our mailing list!    If you're not in New Jersey, that's fine!  We always accept teams from Pennsylvania and New York when we have live in-person events, but we'd like to invite teams from around the United States if they are interested in joining us for this virtual chemistry event!

ATTENTION POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS:  Are you a chemist by training or practice?  Do you want to be involved with an event that serves up to 250 high school students each year, by contributing your knowledge as a judge or collaborator to develop and fine-tune our events?  Email:  mgulotta@njacs.org  for more information - we'd love for you to join us.  Volunteering can be as little as 5 hours after attending a few brief meetings, or more time if you have more available.


An article on the 2020 Virtual NJCO results found here.