Registration and Team Rules

Competition Registration, Team Declaration, Event Selection and Sign-Up

Competition Registration

To compete in this year's NJCO Competition, coaches should download, fill out and mail in the paper team registration form along with the registration fee, plus fill out the online registration form.  If your school is registering two teams, please fill out two separate sets of forms.  Please see Coach's Information about when theRegistration Form is due for this year's competition as well as information about using Purchase Orders for payment. 

CLARIFICATION:  Each team is limited to 12 student participants.  Schools with more than 12 interested should consider signing up two teams (Team A and Team B) or having extra students spectate only and not compete.  This note has been added to the Online Registration Form as well. 

1.  Click Here for Required Paper Team Registration Form - print, fill out, and send this form with a check for $150.  ***The Registration Fee is due no later than March 15, 2019 - please mail the filled out paper form without it if necessary.***

Team Declaration, Event Selection and Sign-Up

Please review the Team Information Guidelines and Event Schedule prior to declaring your team and signing up for events. When you are ready to sign-up, return to this page and fill out the Google Form.

EMAILS FOR COMPETITION AND EVENT SIGN-UP WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Sign-up for a particular time slot will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.  If necessary, schools may sign-up for events as late as March 15, 2019* (the registration deadline); however, Event Sign-Up and Team Declaration must be submitted simultaneously.  Note: You may need to Refresh this page to see the active Google Form link.

2.  Click Here for Online Registration Form.  Here is the most recent 2019 NJCO Event Schedule, which will be updated as teams sign up.  Note the limits for certain events.

Rules about Team Declaration

Schools must declare the makeup of their teams when they select the events their team intends to participate in.

  • If a student drops out from a team after the make-up of its team is declared, a school may fill the spot with another student.
  • No more than two replacements will be permitted; all replacements must be declared by the Paper Submission Deadline.
  • If a team member is unable to attend the NJCO, their event partner may present their report on their behalf (only applies to Events 1-4)

Rules about Multiple Teams

Schools may register up to two teams provided that:

  • Of the two teams, the first must be comprised of at least 10 students, whereas the second must be comprised of at least 6 students.
  • The makeup of each team is declared upon signing up for events.
  • Students from one team are not permitted to switch to another after the school has declared the make-up of their teams.
  • If a student drops out from a team after the make-up of its team is declared, a school may fill the spot with another student, provided that the replacement has not been previously declared on another team.
  • No more than two replacements will be permitted per team; all replacements must be declared by the Research Paper Submission Deadline.
  • If both teams are competing in events 6, 7, 8, 9 and/or 10 both teams must compete in the same time slot unless approved by the NJCO Director or Co-Directors.

Participation as Individuals

Schools that are not able to form a team of six students may have students participate as individuals.

  • Individual participation is limited to two events by any group of students from any school.
  • Individual participation does not qualify for team scoring.
  • Students from schools sending 6 or more participants must participate as a team.