Competition Information

The New Jersey Chemistry Olympics (NJCO) is a scientific competition culminating in a single event day in May that is open to all private and public high schools as well as organized clubs from informal educational institutions in and around the North Jersey area, including all parts of New Jersey and adjacent areas of Pennsylvania and New York.


During the pandemic, we had virtual NJCO events which were outside of our 35-year history, and were very happy to be able to offer virtual events due to the circumstances.  We are now returning to an in-person event format for the competition to provide an excellent forum for talented high school science students in our area.


We are currently run as a collaboration between the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society and New Jersey Institute of Technology, with support from industry partners like Merck.


The 2023 NJCO is an in-person event and will not have virtual events set up.  If a student is unable to attend event day due to illness or other reason, the coach should notify the NJCO Director ASAP so that arrangements if any can be made.  We also need to make sure all high school students are accounted for on NJIT's campus, so it is very important that each school's final list of in-person student participants is communicated to the NJCO Director before event day.