NJCO Event Descriptions

  • All teams are required to participate in a minimum of four events and a maximum of six to qualify for team scoring. 
  • Events are divided into three categories: Research events, General Events & Lab Events
  • All teams are required to select at least one event from each category to qualify for team scoring.

Research Events All research events are required to conduct guided or inquiry research about the topic selected.  For all research events it is expected that teams will follow the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Method to achieve their goal.  Click on the links below for this year's description for each research event.  ​EVENT #1 Chemistry Research EVENT #2 Environmental Research EVENT #3 Chemical Engineering Research  General Events These events allow students to learn about and then demonstrate their knowledge of variety of chemistry topics.   EVENT #4 Website Design EVENT #5 Demonstration Show EVENT #6 Nomenclature Test  EVENT #7 Information Search  Lab Events Lab events allow students to prepare for and complete an expected laboratory analysis.   Selecting or researching their own procedure, teams prepare to demonstrate excellent lab technique that results in good  accuracy & precision in the lab.  Click on the links below for this year's lab events.  EVENT #8 Analytical Lab EVENT #9 Instrumentation Lab EVENT #10 Microscale Lab