Register by March 29, 2023 UPDATED!

2023 NJCO Registration Teams should register by Wednesday, March 29, 2023 (updated!)  *We will allow late registrations depending on the availability of events.* 

Update:  As noted elsewhere and as in previous in-person NJCO events: For teams who would like to compete for the Platinum Crucible, each of the three NJCO categories must be represented by their team:  

  • At least one event from the Research category: 01 Chemistry Research, 02 Environmental Research, 03 Chemical Engineering Research
  • At least one event from the Communication category:  04 Website Design, 05 Demonstration Show, 06 Nomenclature, 07 Information Search
  • At least one event from the Laboratory / Debate category:  08 Analytical Laboratory, 09 Instrumentation Laboratory, 10 Microscale Laboratory, 11 Debate
  • And up to three other events, for a maximum of six events, counted towards the overall prize of the Platinum Crucible 

We apologize if this was not clear, and will be contacting any teams that signed up and did not meet this criteria yet registered for six events.  

As we have adjusted the due date to register, we want to remind schools that the due date for materials will NOT change!  In addition, we want to remind schools that the registration fee is not due upon registration, it is expected later and you should email the NJCO Director if there are any issues with when the registration fee is due (or would like to request arrangements). It is best to email the NJCO Director if your school intends to register but cannot register by March 29th.  Last-minute changes in one or two individuals on your final team may be accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the NJCO Director.
Our events fill up quickly so make sure to register early as we will close registration when events are full.  
Late registration will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, but will not result in a change of the submission date for required pre-event materials - all pre-event materials including research papers and website files are due on Monday, April 17, 2023, for all teams. The method of submitting pre-event files will be shared with all registered teams before the due date.  Turnitin will be used for all documents.
Questions on the registration deadline?  Please email the NJCO Director, Dr. Miriam Gulotta by clicking here.