Scoring and Awards

Scoring and Award information

award medalsThere will only be Event Scoring for the 2022 VNJCO.  Team scoring will occur for in-person events with sufficient registration.

Event Scoring

All events will be scored on a point system to determine the top three teams. In the event of a tie for any of the top three places, the event judges will rely on a tie-breaking system they have agreed upon prior to judging.


Team Scoring

An overall team score will be determined by adding up the points earned during each event. 

  • First place in an event receives 15 team points, followed by 2nd receiving 14 points, and so on. 
  • Places 15 through last will earn one point for participating in the event.
  • Teams which declared an intention to participate in an event, but choose not to, after Event Sign Up Week will receive a 1 point deduction in their team score. 
  • The top three teams with the highest team score will be recognized. 

In the event of a tie for any of the three places, the team having earned the greater number of highest places will be declared the placing team, with the other teams following.


Awards & Gifts

  • All students will receive a certificate of participation.
  • The top three teams in each event will be recognized with a plaque and individual medals for award winning students.
  • The top three teams with the highest overall score will be recognized with a plaque.
  • Plaques presented for all events will become the property of the winning school.
  • The first place team will also be awarded the Platinum Crucible which is awarded to and possessed by the school, to be returned and defended during the next scheduled Chemistry Olympics.  The Platinum Crucible remains the property of NJIT.
  • Guests will not receive certificates, awards or gifts.
  • Gifts, including textbooks will be provided to the coach.
  • Coaches will receive 10 hours of PDH.