2023 Safety Forms Required!

For 2023:  Safety forms for registered 2023 NJCO teams are pending. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that events that require hands'-on research in preparation and execution should be reviewed and supervised by the NJCO Coach as appropriate.  All activities that are on campus at NJIT will require signed safety forms as in past in-person NJCO years.


We hope to follow a similar pattern to the below in 2023:

Each coach should mail in <link to 2023 safety form pending> by date TBD.

Please read the safety form CAREFULLY - note that it indicates that a copy of the school's certificate of insurance must be sent in with the safety form!

Please be careful in printing the students' names on the form.  The exact coach and student names on the form will be used for the certificates.  Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis since we understand you need to get all of your student's signatures.

A REMINDER:  for your safety, we need to know who is on our campus.  Coaches will need to confirm all coaches, participants, and spectators who are on our campus in case of emergency or other special situation.

Questions about the safety form?  Please email Dr. Miriam Gulotta.