10 Microscale Laboratory

OBJECTIVE:  Determine the iron content of an iron tablet using microscale techniques Materials Provided by NJIT on the Day of the Event
  • Iron tablet
Materials & Methods Brought by Team to the Competition
  • Bring whatever you need to perform the experiment, but you must use microscale techniques.  Make sure you have enough deionized water.  
  • Burets may not be used as they are not used in microscale procedures.
  • Prior to starting, each team must provide the judges with a typed step-by-step description of the methods they intend to use to address the objective of this experiment.
  • The laboratory should be supervised by instructor/coach at all times.  
  • Review all procedures for safety concerns.  
  • Teams will be permitted to perform their experiment only if their procedure is approved by the judges in accordance with safety protocols.
  • Safety protocol must be addressed in the team's procedure submitted for evaluation prior to the event.
  • Teams must practice procedure prior to event day. Judges reserve the right to dismiss unprepared teams on the day of the event.
Prior to the event The students should review the 12 principles of “Green Chemistry” developed by Developed by Paul Anastas and John Warner and illustrate how their procedure adheres to these principles. A step-by-step Description of the Methods and Safety Protocol must be received by the NJCO Event Coordinator by the deadline indicated in the Requirement Overview. You must practice your procedure.  Judges may disqualify entrants who are not confident about their procedure and as a result pose a safety risk.  Review, be familiar with, and be prepared to follow all safety guidelines associated with your chosen method. Research appropriate small-scale techniques, or microscale techniques. Lab manuals are available from various scientific suppliers including Flinn Scientific, Inc. Furthermore, publications such as the Journal of Chemical Education may serve as sources for specific microscale techniques. On the Day of the Event
  • Follow your team's laboratory procedure to collect and record data for a minimum of three trials.
  • Complete appropriate calculations to first determine the % iron in the iron tablet.
  • Clean up and then submit your report showing all calculations on the back of the report page.
Time Limit:   75 minutes  JUDGING CRITERIA
  • Description of methods, including “green” approach 30%
  • Description of safety concerns addressed within the procedure, 15%
  • Presentation of Data and Calculations, 30%
  • Accuracy of the calculations, 25%
  • Time (tiebreaker)
  • Two teams from the same school must compete in the same time slot for Event 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 unless approved by the NJCO Director or Co-Directors.  Requested times will be adjusted for this!
  • In the event of a tie, the team that completes this session in the shortest period of time will win the tie.
  • Teams must clean up and remove all materials that they bring to this event and return them to their own schools.  
Team Identification Each submission (research reports, web CDs, lab reports, etc) must include the following 4 items: Name of school Team A or B designation, if applicable Names of students (print legibly) Name of coach ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING (APPROVED) GOGGLES, GLOVES AND APRON OR LAB COAT, AND USE THEM AT ALL TIMES DURING THE COMPETITION.  STUDENTS MUST ADHERE TO BOTH GENERAL LAB SAFETY PROTOCOLS AND THOSE SPECIFIC TO THEIR CHOSEN PROCEDURE.